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The joy of baking bread

With the world staying indoors, I believe one of the most popular things trending across the world is baking… Everyone is suddenly baking their own bread!

So what is it that makes baking bread so popular? For me personally, the initial push came from the fact that during the ongoing lockdown, bread was very difficult to come by and without bread breakfast can be quite challenging to put on the table. So I looked up some recipes, played around with the ingredients and came up with some amazing breads! The aroma that fills the entire house and the sense of accomplishment that comes from successfully baking a delicious bread is priceless!

Here I’m sharing a video to help anyone who would like to try baking their own bread ๐Ÿ˜Š

7 thoughts on “The joy of baking bread

  1. That was a great demo Urmila ! Missing a slice of it which I would have definitely received in normal times ! Anyway it’s a co-incidence that I’m baking my Easter bread/buns today !
    Will try your recipe too..
    Thanks & Happy Easter…

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