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The Ressurection

A new dawn

Its Easter the holiest day in the Christian calendar, the day of resurrection of Jesus Christ. His Victory over Death and our eternal redemption. We can see the ushering in of springtime as well, as we can hear the vibrant sound and smell in the air as the Earth reawakens. Its the time to welcome a new beginning with new hope and dreams. A very relevant circumstance in the current times.

We are living in such troubled times and if we look around us, we can see distressing instances of poverty, mayhem and extremism . People are taking shelter of their religion to defend their wicked ways and hunger for power and money. And to exasperate further, we are facing the horror of the pandemic, COVID virus,currently infected all over the world. It has got the world into a World War kind of situation where the world is fighting an invisible enemy.

On this felicitous day let us also pledge to overcome this panic in solidarity and determination. “For God so loved the world”…..He resurrected to save us from our sin. And he surely will save us from the present calamity too. We pray for a happier and brighter dawn with the arrival of Springtime.

Published by babitapathak

Simple soul, still trying to learn from life.

2 thoughts on “The Ressurection

  1. What an absolutely refreshing read! It gives so much hope for tomorrow…… These moments shall be etched in history, but it’s our Faith that will bring upon a new dawn! @bobita…. Thank you for this one!

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  2. How beautiful Babita… And so relevant to our times… Together let us pray for a better tomorrow when we realise the futility of our constant craving for materialistic conquests.. Amen

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