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Kerala Water Babes

G5 as aptly named by our school mates, we G5 are “Gang of 5 Girls”, young at heart and now in 50’s but fiercely independent, gutsy, adventurous, romantic and sexy too. Just like the friends in movie “Sex and the City” and song of Cyndi Lauper of 1985 “Girls just want to have fun” we planned our trip to Goa with our imaginations running high about the wild fun it would be in sun, sand and blue water. But G5, just after few months, had second thoughts and changed our destination to Kerala- Gods own country.

So what if destination was changed but aspiration couldn’t be curbed down. Few “Cool cats” of our G5 seriously did workouts to fit in their sexy bodies in swim suits or bikini. We didn’t let our imaginations to mellow down and so in Kovalam we swam blue water of Arabian Sea in sexy suits, ran on the pristine beach and sunbathed ourselves with cool lemonades in hands, under Kerala’s winter sun. We earned a new name now “Kerala Water Babes” given by my mom-in-law when she saw our pictures. In fact few of our G5 hot beauties gave complexes to few local beauties.

We grooved to the beats of Lungi dance, Bala oh Bala and Senorita while we went sailing Kumarakom backwaters. Food & drinks was always on our mind so right from first day we savoured the Meen curries, prawns, promfrets, Malabar paratha and of course the local drink TODY.  

Kerala is actually Gods own country as it has so much to see and explore that not a single day passed without some kind of adventure. Munnar, cool hills with beautiful layers of tea plantation offered so much relaxation to eyes with beautiful sceneries. Our bodies from being too relaxed with famous Ayurveda Kerala massage, later got pressure cooked in steam baths. Later bumpy Spice trail trip in old jungle jeep was another adventure which made us feel that we are living in “Swag”.

Kochi was our last destination where we checked in “Waterfront Granary” a museum hotel in an area where Kochi trades still thrives. The water front restaurant was awesome where we had our last hours in lap of age old traditional surroundings. Memories we carried within us have left each of us now to look forward for more such enriching and wonderful trips.    

5 thoughts on “Kerala Water Babes

  1. You missed out the pic of the real water babes. Toddy was great fun. The drive across and the Bougainville hunt… pressure steamed Kerela massage and the amazing sun chasing at Munnar tea gardens. Simple awesome. And not to forget the hot air balloon ride for next time

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  2. I literally ROTFL😂😂, reading this and reviving memories of a most fascinating holiday, just 3 months ago!! @suravi you made my day!! I liked the pressure cooked part in those gigantic steam baths!! Your subtle sense of humour is just the perfect dose to elevate the mood at present!

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  3. Just imagine G5 soaked in oils checking in a Airbnb. The chauffeur was worth mentioning which I missed. He was equally helpful to all the fun we wanted 😉.

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