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A prayer for new beginnings

Greetings on the occasion of Assamese New Year with blossoms from my little garden this morning

In many parts of India, new year is celebrated today. And how apt that is as it is also the advent of spring, a season that brings fresh hope as the first leaves appear on the trees starting yet another cycle in the circle of life.

Normally this day would mean visiting relatives and friends and seeking blessings of the elders by touching their feet. But in this current normal that the world is going through all the wishes are long distant and the love is in our hearts.

Let us hope that that the new year ushers in a new beginning… Once we resume our normal lives sometime in the, hopefully, not so distant future, let us try to be more mindful of our choices, more expressive of our loving and caring, more aware of the impact of our lifestyle on Mother Earth. Let us try to be better versions of ourselves….

4 thoughts on “A prayer for new beginnings

  1. Happy Bihu ! Urmila. I fully agree with you. Joy, Peace and hope along with good health are the primary concern of the day. Lets all pray for a happier and brighter beginning.

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  2. Happy Bihu… let’s hope we all tide over this trying times safely. Urmila.. your writing skills is so good. Smooth Flow of feelings.

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  3. So beautifully penned! Yes, this is the new normal…. We are seeing it all…. Prayers for Universal healing of the world on this auspicious day!

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