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One morning at Elliot’s Beach

A couple of months back, I was visiting Chennai for a particular work.  A day before my return I decided to take an early morning trip to Elliot’s Beach at 6 AM to witness another day of glorious sunrise and pay my humble gratitude to the Universe. The Elliot’s Beach lies at the tip of the famous Marina Beach, and is known for it’s calm and tranquil shores. It is named after Edward Elliot who was once the Chief Magistrate and Superintendent of Police of Madras.
The ocean has never failed to  mesmerise me, and as I stood barefoot on the sands of time, gazing at the amazing hues in the horizon, a plethora of orange, crimson and red colours played a spectacular game and the sun gently peeped over the horizon marking a new day, a new dawn and the beginning of another new year. My heart was so full of gratitude and love.  The gentle waves of the majestic ocean lapped at my feet and washed away my footprints into it’s arms. The experience was overwhelming.

The breathtaking rising sun at Elliot’s Beach
Footprints in the sands of time
That feel!

As the sun shone brightly now and I stood still watching the ocean, I was interrupted and greeted by a pack of stray dogs, almost 15 of them. The beach was their playground as they pranced happily around. They were in their best mood and vigourously wagged their tails, eager to jump on me. Passers-by looked horrified and for a moment, thought that I was being mauled by the dogs and had shocking expressions on their faces. But soon they saw me smiling and greeting the dogs. It might have seemed odd to some of them that stray dogs could actually be friendly too.

After playing for a while with them, I walked back to the adjacent Street where people were generally sitting and sipping warm cups of tea, coffee and soup. Chennai beaches are apparently famous for their soups. I however went to a tea stall for a cup of tea under the warm sun. As I sat sipping my tea, watching the shimmering vast expanse of the ocean, contemplating on the world around me, watching the different players play their part, an old lady came begging for alms. With tattered clothes and a frail body, I asked the tea stall boy to give her a cup of coffee and a slice of cake from the jar. As she accepted it, she blessed me with some words in Tamil. We smiled at each other, a universal message of goodwill was conveyed. Another elderly lady came begging. I offered her a cup of coffee too, and some biscuits from the jar. The same sequence repeated. Both the women sat together near me, beaming and smiling, while sipping their morning cup of coffee. They seemed to be at peace and were blissful in their own world.

We were under the same bright early morning sky overlooking the same magnificent ocean, where the waves sparkled like dazzling diamonds. In the larger canvas of life, we were all a part of the same Universe, playing out our individual roles . Another new beginning. Another new day. Yes, I am at peace too. My inner nucleus is calm. I will not question. I will not judge. I will just play my part well. Thank you Universe. 

Published by neelakshimahanta

I believe in celebrating life as it comes and living in the moment. Times are neither good nor bad. It is what we make out of it. If we are blissful, we will make the best out of it.

14 thoughts on “One morning at Elliot’s Beach

  1. Beautifully conveyed.. Could feel the peace of the moment.. Yes we all play our individual roles in the drama of life… Sometimes the hero, sometimes the villain and sometimes the background character… The choice to be happy with our role is ours 🤗🤗

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  2. Its beautiful! Neelakshi. Simply mesmerized by your expression of thoughts. The small clipping has added a perfect touch to the feeling….

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  3. Love the flow of thoughts gently rippling along with the flow of the ocean … beautifully captured and conveyed!


  4. Your lovely piece evokes poignant memories – hearing the crashing waves of Digha, a smile from a lady who received some alms from me in Bodh Gaya, the crisp salty air of Krabi.
    Our lives are so full of such stops in the continuity of Life but these are the memories that sustain us, give us meaning and a purpose. They tide us through difficult periods and create the inner Peace.
    Keep writing, Sister.

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  5. Maam ,ur writings are really amazing. U can be a very good writer.
    Stray goods always become good friends, even i meet here one near my appartment who used to greet me every time i come back or go out. Sometimes when i get time, i buy him biscuits,and he enjoys every bite of it. 😊


  6. Neelakshi! Wow! What a beautiful description of Mother Nature in the shape of Ocean near Elliot’s Beach. I had known you as a melodious singer and very kind person. I did not know that you are such a talented writer too. The vivid description of the sea waves and the glow of sunshine, virtually too me to the place to actually have those feelings. God bless you.

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  7. I particularly like the anecdotes- playing with 15 stray dogs and giving alms to the two women. So often our minds are programmed by default to dismiss or brush-off beggars or strays. All of these behaviors stem from fear- fear that sometimes may have no clear basis, because we have never truly asked ourselves what is the real reason we want to stay away from those who do not share our privileges. But we shield this fear under our egos and complexes, designing excuses ranging from ‘hygiene’ and ‘safety’ just to keep ourselves from being a little more kinder, a little more open, and having a little more courage to love freely. Thank you for giving unconditional kindness to unknown souls.

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    1. Also, a point to note is that these unknown souls might be in a state of their own eternal bliss, Rhea…. The circumstances may be different but we are no one to judge their situation or state of being. All we need to do is spread kindness and love, as you rightly said.


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