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Rhythm of life

Enjoying the slower tempo of life

Some years back, on a weekend getaway, we had decided that for one day we would completely forget time. We would completely let go of our conditioning of the right time to do things and only surrender to the flow.

The morning started as planned, we were in no hurry to get up and get on with our day. But then we slowly found ourselves worrying that we should shower and freshen up and by about three in the afternoon we were telling each other that it’s going to be past lunchtime and we should grab a bite even though we were not really hungry. And then we started fussing that the room had not been serviced though it was late afternoon. So much for letting go of routine and programmed living!

The current lockdown meant that my busy schedule came to a grinding halt. The tempo of my life shifted to a much slower rhythm which I found difficult to adjust to at first. But I gradually realised that whether the tempo is slow or fast, I prefer a structure to my day. Waking up at a particular time, scheduling my chores and other activities at specific times so that when I go to sleep at the usual time, I feel fulfilled and satisfied.

I guess some people are just too conditioned to let go of structure or are they just made that way…

Written in response to the prompt for the day “tempo”

2 thoughts on “Rhythm of life

  1. I guess it’s how we programme our software to run our hardware, and the system thus gets conditioned. Overall, probably the system runs more efficiently with greater productivity when we have a structured programme!
    But once in a while I guess it’s OK to let your hair down and and unplug the system!

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