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Soul Searchin

Connecting with Nature

Is it time to look within, a time for introspection….it is just over a month since the Pandemic has reached almost every country .Life has come to almost a standstill and we are following a lifestyle that we never imagined would have happened ever. Human beings are supposed to be the most enlightened and advanced of all beings on Earth. Yet one small virus could make them turn so vulnerable. With all the comforts surrounding our daily lives we are slowly getting pushed away from Nature of which we are a small slice too and it is against Nature’s purpose.

Beautiful Mother Earth

For the first time in History, Human is suffocating while Nature is breathing. Whereas we should be breathing with Nature, when it breathes. But we try to control Nature and suffocate it, and that is what we are going to do again once the Lockdown phase gets over ; unless we check ourselves and make a conscious effort to maintain the balance in Nature by changing our behavior, habit and perspective towards our environment. At the same time we must thank our lockdown experiences, for helping us in rediscovering our interests, getting back to our favorite hobbies and polishing up our old skills on various errands at home. It gave us time to rebond with family and spend some luxurious time together.

Happy Earth Day

Let us all aspire to practice more of what makes us happy and connect more with Mother Nature and go slow with life so that we don’t miss out on the small pleasures of life. The Earth is breathing happily this Earth Day. If not by design, we still could make it breath a lot better than before and we must pledge to make it better every year. The pleasant changes to the topography of the Earth should prod us to spend and dedicate more leisurely time with Mother Earth.

Published by babitapathak

Simple soul, still trying to learn from life.

4 thoughts on “Soul Searchin

  1. Yes, this lockdown has been the best time for Mother Earth…. She needed to breathe, she needed to heal…. And we needed to introspect each action of ours….

    Happy Earth Day! This lockdown was the best gift we could have given Mother Earth.

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  2. Yes indeed, unintentional though it may been, this lockdown is the best gift we could have given Mother Nature. Very appropriate time to be celebrating Earth Day… On this day, we can pledge to be more aware of our choices once we are free to roam the earth again. Happy Earth Day ! Very sensitively written 👏

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