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The true elixir of life- friendships

Recently, my friend Babita had put up this tongue in cheek post jokingly suggesting that the transformation was due to the face masks we had applied. But really, looking at the photographs, I was amazed to see how relaxed, glowing and glamorous we all looked in the second photograph!

This photograph was clicked on the last day of a fabulous trip to Mcleodganj in Himachal Pradesh. The weather had turned treacherous and many of our plans had to be either abandoned or drastically modified. Some of us had slipped and had falls trying to get around in the rain. But not for a single moment was any one of us upset or anxious or in a bad mood. The fun and joie de vivre continued unabated.

So this got me thinking about what the company of good friends does to us. Friends, with whom we can just be, with whom we can totally be our true selves without fear of judgement or retribution, are our true elixir because in their company we attain Shangrila, the mystical land of eternal youth. It is in the company of friends such as this, that our youth lives on because in their company we shed the layers of social conditioning and pretense, exposing our most authentic self, the child hidden within us.

May we all be blessed with such friendships where we need not wear any masks and the glow on the face emanates from the warmth of the relationship!

8 thoughts on “The true elixir of life- friendships

  1. True.. circle of good friends creates a “Shangrilla of eternal youth.” Pretentious displays doesn’t exist. You are not judged, you are your own self. Loved your writing ❤️.

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  2. I would sincerely agree that friendships and relationships provide us purpose, joy and inner peace. There has also been speculation that they also contribute to longevity if you control for other factors.
    Lovely bit of writing. Food for the soul. Keep it up. Joy Ma Corona for helping slow us all down and extracting such treasures.

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    1. Yes Moon, lots of studies have found that good friendships and close relationships are key to a long and healthy life… May we stay blessed…
      Jai Ma Corona 😂😂


  3. Urmila this was beautiful….may the glow on our faces get brighter/hotter 😁 with the warmth of our relationship …..some relationships are forever…thanks for the pic…
    Keep uplifting and get uplifted….

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    1. You’re definitely my source of Shangrila, Anju. .. Looking foot to many more adventures and a really flushed face 😃 you know which pic I wanted to put with you but couldn’t 👙👙😂😂


  4. Totally agree to what you have posted, Dula. The affection and fun is evident in each one’s face, notwithstanding the facial masks and glow attributed to same !

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