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A note of gratitude to all who I thought had wronged me

At the time I was angry. I felt let down, resentful, betrayed…because I felt that you had wronged me. I felt that you had placed obstacles on my path to progress… success… happiness.

But now when I look back, I realise that you actually helped me on my path. Had you not done what you had done, I would have remained where I was. But you were instrumental in nudging me onto the destined path of my life’s journey. You helped me find my way. You helped me on on my journey. Had it not been for your actions, I would be less experienced, less knowledgeable, less aware, less purposeful, less happy.

Today, I realise that you served a great purpose in my life. You helped me find myself, my path and my purpose. You put me on the path to my destiny and for this I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

7 thoughts on “A note of gratitude to all who I thought had wronged me

  1. A delightful and gracious article. Every one of us has felt “wronged” by someone and we, in turn, have “wronged” someone else. It is part of the human experience and is due to our inevitable weaknesses as human beings. However, to accept it in stride with gratitude and humility is powerful.
    Thanks for another beautiful nugget of gold.

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    1. Thank you.. So happy you like it. When we realize that it is all for our own good, we stop fighting the situation and accept things as they are. However, this requires constant reminders to the self as we become uncomfortable with things on the physical plane.


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