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Gardening and self satisfaction

The small green corner in my balcony

I would like to dedicate this passion for plants and gardening to my Mother. Ever since I remember in my childhood , wherever we accompanied Dad during his transferable job,my Mom will build up a beautiful garden in front of every house and leave it with a heavy heart on posting to the next place. And it continued till she finally settled down at her permanent Address.

When I got married and shifted into the first accommodation with my husband, I thought I should also make my house look attractive with a beautiful garden. I have been helping out Mom in her gardening tasks, which motivated me to go ahead with it. The person who used to stay in my servants’ quarter had a green thumb too and little interest on vegetable gardening. Both of us together could build up a lovely flower garden in the front and a vegetable garden at the backyard. And the next three years just flew by especially when I was trying to fit into the independent changed lifestyle of marriage. Gardening helped me in the smooth transition from unmarried to married.

Gardening brings inner peace

And the process continued with me as well till the last posting of my husband in services , when he decided to change jobs. Life became more settled now. But my gardening took a backseat because of other priorities and gradually I totally lost touch with it. We had moved into the Metro life, where daily chore has to be managed by ourselves. The luxury of help at home , and some me time with plants is rare and almost impracticable. Few years passed by in this busy routine and once I decided to invite a few of my friends over to my place for lunch. And each of these lovely friends landed with a beautiful gifts in their hands, which included two lovely potted plants among others. As if they were some kind of a summon , I noticed that slowly my number of potted plants started growing again and whatever little free time I get I could talk to them and see them grow and feel a lot of satisfaction inside me. And I look forward to spending more time with them again.

Plants can be incorporated in your life in many ways

With the kind of options you get to play with in gardening and landscaping these days , I would love to go back to my earlier days when space was never a hindrance for the purpose.

Published by babitapathak

Simple soul, still trying to learn from life.

4 thoughts on “Gardening and self satisfaction

  1. Beautifully scripted….a touch of nature and your ability to create it and make it flourish and grow , can be so soothing and calming…. Connecting with Nature has unraveled amazing things before me! Glad you have found your passion!

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