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Of Mothers and Daughters

As a child I was quite a tomboy, always happy to be running or playing or jumping. But somehow it was the creative pursuits of my mother that inspired me to explore my own creativity. Whatever she did, she would do with great passion and an eye for perfection.

As a very small child, I watched fascinated as she toiled over a hot stove dipping her paint brushes in wax to create exquisite batiks. Later, as I watched her do elaborate patterns in embroidery, knit amazing sweaters for all of us in the family and create delicate tatting laces, I too was inspired to try my hand. Her passion for excellence meant that when she did gardening, her garden would become a prize winning one in no time. And her cooking was so acclaimed that she went on to author several cookery books which have a wide fan following. One of my favourite childhood memories is watching with fascination as Ma drew elaborate alpanas, rice paste designs on the floor, on the occasion of Lakkhi Puja.

Some of these traditions became so ingrained in me that even while juggling a demanding career and raising a young family, I would try and sneak a few minutes to indulge in these creative pursuits. I, of course, am no perfectionist like my mother. I don’t do things to try and perfect them, rather I do them for the pleasure and satisfaction they give me. I am especially grateful during these lockdown days as these pursuits, whether cooking, baking, gardening, embroidery or painting have gainfully occupied me and helped me enjoy my time away from the matrix.

3 thoughts on “Of Mothers and Daughters

  1. I agree,how talented our moms were in various fields with perfection. We’re truly blessed to have them as our mentors. Beautifully expressed your journey, enjoyed going through it.

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