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Accomplished desire ….

Like most people I don’t really have a long list to fulfill, as in a bucket list. But I certainly have few wishes that I would be happy to fulfill in this lifetime. Among those few, one was to get inked. I was much fascinated by various tattoos I saw around on people, mostly flowers and animals.  The earliest tattoos that I remember seeing were inscriptions on the arms of laborers or fishermen or the tribal people who have tiny patterns on their faces. But it was much later that I had decided to get inked, though can’t recollect the exact occasion. I started hunting for them online and various magazines because I just didn’t want to have a tattoo just for having it. I wanted it for greater satisfaction and contentment. Perhaps the feeling lasts only till you get inked the first time, yet it is worth the effort. I wasn’t very sure what tattoo I wanted to get for myself, and I started with butterflies, flowers and various kinds of delicate small images; which were inconspicuous. After a long search I finally peg down on a beautiful Dolphin. They are believed to have the closest spiritual, intellectual and social link to human. Dolphins are intelligent and fun loving too, and they certainly look beautiful when inked on skin especially when it is a colored one, as I wanted it to be.

The end result

Having determined all of these the next move was to get it done. While all the planning was going on, I was blissfully unaware of the silent bystander observing all of it with much interest…. my son. And I can’t love him more for the way he made it happen for me. It was a Sunday in the Month of May, coincidentally a Mothers’ Day too, so we decided to dine out as I always wait for some excuse to bunk cooking at home.  Hence we booked a table at one of our favorite place and started little early from home.

Our car was parked at an adjacent parking space, and we managed to reach with enough spare time to walk around the shops nearby or pick up something of interest if up for grabs. As we started moving ahead, about few yard or so, my son suddenly exclaimed: Lets try this one. And I could see a Tattoo Parlor in front of us, as if placed there just for the occasion. We both were equally excited, and husband a bit confused. Promptly without any hesitation we entered the place.

Getting it done.

The Dolphin was ready in my phone gallery to be inked and I was looking forward to a significant day in my life. What better Mother’s Day gift one could have expected than this? One of my most ardent wishes comes true.  

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Simple soul, still trying to learn from life.

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