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The New Normal

Almost 2 months have passed by in this New Year, 2021, yet life seems to be still struggling for absolute normalcy from the restrictions asserted by the Virus during the previous year. Those were restrictions perhaps God silently wanted to bestow on us as our savior, but we humankind have ignored it too far to have gotten blinded by our own ignorance. Good or bad, we all are now so tuned in to life, conducting itself in a certain way. And as a natural urge we are all looking forward to normalcy coming back. Normalcymight not look the same as it was before the pandemic and we might have to adapt to certain New Normal but again life is all about fixes and fine tuning. And life is also about continuing with the same zeal to move ahead in our goals.

The compulsory mask has earn a special status for itself amongst rest of our accessories and it holds the highest position amongst all .Never could we dream in our wildest thought that breathing openly some fresh air would be so expensive. Holding dear ones would be catchy and feeling around objects would make us contaminated. Staying vigilant and inching ahead cautiously after the hiatus is the need of the hour. When we were little ones our parents would rarely miss to remind us to wash our hands after returning home from school or any place .Isn’t this normal? It is all about reminding ourselves few practices followed during our growing up stage that gradually slipped away from our system, because of many new things entering our lives. With the emergence of technology in almost every facet of our lives, changes sometimes become inevitable. Working from Home has become the new shift with computers and internet connections available easily to all and it seem will stay on as regular practice for many. The Digital platforms are Godsend for children and scholars, for they would have otherwise missed out on their academic headway.

With the domestic borders been opened up and few international too, travel is no longer much restricted. Certain vaccines were always mandatory for travelers from country to country, thus the present anti-body or the RT-PCR tests can be considered as another one in the list. These ten months of total lock down certainly brought many realizations in our lives; as well .And 2021 is the boardwalk, to take our step forward, following the adapted implementations changes and realizations. Earlier it was formidable for many to think of sending our daily help on long leave, however we had to manage all our chores by ourselves during the whole of these ten months. Life has again started crawling back to normal; nonetheless it still has to be tread with guarded steps. Several vaccines for the Covid 19 virus have been developed and the process of inoculation is in progress around the world.

Meanwhile another variant of the Covid 19 virus has been identified by scientists in UK, with some potentially troubling mutation. The concern with the new variant is the possible increased transmissibility and immunity towards the present set of vaccines, though no evidence has been set yet. Couples of places around are experiencing another minor surge, of the Covid 19 cases which means this little thing is here to stay. The manner in which this tiny creature has been behaving all these while has very convincingly proved that it cannot be discounted easily. The vaccine might not be the infallible solution as the virus has tendencies to mutate. All creatures of God have to learn to coexist. We may find some temporary solutions to a problem like the vaccine but for a long term solutions we have to adapt to each other’s mannerism, practices and characteristics. 2021 is all about adapting to the peculiarity of the virus and cracking on……

Good Bye to the Virus Wear your mask and wash your hands

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