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A Chance Encounter with Encampers


It was in the midst of the pandemic last year, when I was introduced to Ratan and Prakash, the founders of Encampers, whose reference was given to me by my son. Knowing my desires to be a constant seeker of newer dimensions of life, my son suggested that I connect with them. And ever since, there has been no looking back! Encampers has opened up a whole new world all around me. Being a busy oncologist, and with the pandemic looming largely over our heads,  I was looking for some respite. Amidst the concrete jungle of the city, I was able to discover the magic of a secret treasure trove, so well hidden. Having spent more than 30 years here, I never realized that I knew so little about the very city of Guwahati that I lived in, and what it actually had to offer.To think that I have travelled all across the globe marvelling at nature everywhere,  without knowing the wonderful secrets of my own backyard!

 Discovering Mother Nature in its own very raw and rustic form, the treks by Encampers offer a slice of paradise for Nature seekers. Till date I have done three treks with Encampers, and each was a very unique and fulfilling experience. The first trek was to Garbhanga Forest which started from Bashistha Temple and took us through some thick forest trails, all the way to a most majestic and mesmerizing waterfall. This place is also a haven for some of the most amazing butterflies that I have ever seen. Being one of the senior persons in the trekking team, the presence of the young, enthusiastic team members of Encampers gave us confidence and we were reassured that we were in safe hands.

Let’s not stop discovering hidden gems despite the pandemic…with Safety first, Encampers ensures that we follow the rules
When a two hour trek brings you to this mesmerizing view

The other treks have been at their Khanapara camp site, which is actually one of the most tranquil and dreamy spots within the city boundaries. By the side of a magnificent lake, one could simply sit on its banks and write poetry here. This trek also takes us through some amazing terrains and breath taking panoramic views of the city. 

Discovering some dreamy spots, at Encampers Camp Site
March on
When age or ailments will not stop us….
A moment to rest…Pause to pose!

I am looking forward to doing some outstation trips with Encampers very soon, and hopefully,  the Annapurna Base Camp some day too!!. When there is a dream, there is hope and when there is hope there is clarity and when there is clarity there is a possibility. Staying fit and aging healthily would be a key towards that effort. 

How miniscule we are, in the larger canvas of life

 What I truly loved about Encampers, was their respect for the forest, the prayers that we chanted before entering the forests, bowing down to Mother Nature and the effort of plogging to reduce carbon footprints, to make that little effort to save our planet. Each tiny step counts, and Encampers are truly showing the way for responsible tourism. They are an inspiration for today’s youth, and a support for those like us, who are looking forward to the process of successful and active ageing with a few tips and support from them . At this juncture ,  I truly hope to savour the journey of life, and explore many more exotic hidden gems of our planet with Encampers.

With the Team
A panoramic view of my city, Guwahati
Catching the first glimpses of early morning rays

With Encampers, the journey never ends, but only begins .

Find them on:

Instagram- @encampadventures

Twitter- @Encampers

Facebook- Encamp Adventures

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I believe in celebrating life as it comes and living in the moment. Times are neither good nor bad. It is what we make out of it. If we are blissful, we will make the best out of it.

One thought on “A Chance Encounter with Encampers

  1. Would love to experience their adventures someday. Sounds fascinating n so interesting to know about the prayers in the jungle. Laudable initiative by Encampers. 👏

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