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Give me some sunshine

Every moment should be filled with sunshine.

A good laugh is sunshine in our lives. We can keep our sunshine protected only when there is always harmony between our thoughts and actions. Most of us are so entangled with daily routine work in our lives that we miss out on the minute and more delightful or gratifying moments around. We are so stuck in the rut; we need to make effort on more attention to the surroundings around us and to every detail in it. We would be pleasantly surprised to find each moment is filled with joy and happiness and it is upon us to find them ourselves. If we can be happy for the present moment and be grateful to be enjoying this moment, we should feel ourselves to be blessed and that sunshine can never leave our doorsteps .Like the saying goes -Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine. In the present times we all need to practice it with a conscious effort

My friend a home maker for almost 30yrs got used to being asked: how she spends her time at home, by every new acquaintance she met, almost to the point of irritation. I always thought home managers are the busiest people in their profession with diverse kind of chores and responsibilities, yet a general opinion seems to differ from mine. Slowly the question started amusing her and she felt how ignorant one can be. She felt so happy that she could handle the matter without having complications in her thoughts and continue with her duties very contented and efficiently too. She was so aware of the fact that each moment is life and we must try and make the best of each moment. Sunshine always gave her company in all weather.

Happiness is Sunshine.

One should also have enthusiasm for a life, with monstrous dreams and a determination to fulfill those dreams as well. The biggest adventure we can ever take in our lives is to live the life of our dreams. Dreams might change with time for many, or remain the same for others, but they give a purpose for life. No dreams, no sunshine because dreams give a sense of achievement once they are fulfilled and makes us happy. Love travels together with happiness. The more we spread love, the happier we can be. If we start greeting everyone with a smile, irrespective of being strangers or acquaintances, we can get initiated to our sunshine instantly. If we smile at a stranger it is only possible that we get back a smile in return. A smile can do wonder to a stranger for it might be the only sunshine he sees all day.

It was one summer afternoon few years back, and I was walking into Tata Memorial hospital with my Mother in law who was patient of stomach cancer. It was a routine check up and both of us waiting for my husband to join us after parking the car, at the hospital gate. As we were waiting there, a young man approaches us with a file in his hand in need of money for the tests of his mother in the same hospital. It can’t be so much of a coincidence and I was convinced that God Almighty has chosen us that day to spread some sunshine amongst his subjects. My husband helped him with whatever possible he could. But the whole episode ushered a booster dose of positivity and stronger resolution in us to go ahead with Ma’s treatment. I noticed a fresh exuberance in our approach. My Mother in law finally said good bye to us in February, 2014. Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves, and the sun shines for the wide world’s joy. It is upon us to decipher the ways to let it in to our lives.

Bring your own Sunshine

Friends are lifelong sunshine. They bring hope and joy in any situation. Let us be grateful to the charming gardeners that make our souls blossom because friends show their love not only in happiness but also in times of trouble. Friendship multiplies the good and divides the evil. All of us travel through various stages in life getting busy complying with various responsibilities. The middle age inevitably revert us back to our friends with whom we parted ways earlier in life. Most of the alumni get active in the school reunions, yearly vacations with friends are eagerly anticipated and regular gatherings in different groups of friends, has become apparent in current scenarios. Many changes are noticed in various levels of relationships but friendship remains status quo.

Charming gardeners that blossoms our souls

However, still and all, the most important factor for sunshine to be in our lives is we have to always try to manifest opportunities for it to enter us. A happy person is not always in good situation, but he has a good attitude in any situation. To be truly happy we have to give up on grudges and stop holding on to thoughts that are acrimonious or antagonistic. A premeditative effort is indispensable to stay happy always. Because Sunshine is the most precious thing to be found on Earth…..

Published by babitapathak

Simple soul, still trying to learn from life.

2 thoughts on “Give me some sunshine

  1. Absolutely 💯, so well penned! This resonates so powerfully. Yes, times may change, circumstances may differ, eventually it is what we make out of it with our little sunshine 🌞

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very very refreshing to read in times when each one of us are touched by so many emotional, financial and physically draining issues. You are sunshine amongst us giving us so many reasons to smile.

    Liked by 1 person

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