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Celebrating the nine nights Divine The unexplored dimensions of Feminine Woman the epitome of strength they say Yet to be accomplished in many ways Am I blessed to be born a woman Certainly so without an indecision But to the warriors of feminine strength I have a plea to make For you must not haveContinue reading “THE FEMININE”


The Thirties are perhaps little confusing age mostly because we gradually approach a change towards responsible seniors at work in the family and generally in a society. Physical changes are seen in many and very prominent among others is greying. Today we see young people in their twenties also greying, with various changes coming toContinue reading “VANITY AND THE INWARD JOURNEY ……”

Give me some sunshine

A good laugh is sunshine in our lives. We can keep our sunshine protected only when there is always harmony between our thoughts and actions. Most of us are so entangled with daily routine work in our lives that we miss out on the minute and more delightful or gratifying moments around. We are soContinue reading “Give me some sunshine”


It was early morning around 5.30 am; I was making a cup of tea for myself when I hear the beautiful voice of the Koyal sitting camouflaged in some branch overlooking our window. Spring is here and I am sure you would have felt the same . I couldn’t resist myself from recording the voice.Continue reading “SPRINGTIME”


Almost 2 months have passed by in this New Year, 2021, yet life seems to be still struggling for absolute normalcy from the restrictions asserted by the Virus during the previous year. Those were restrictions perhaps God silently wanted to bestow on us as our savior, but we humankind have ignored it too far toContinue reading “BESTIR YOURSELF IN 2021”

Accomplished desire ….

Like most people I don’t really have a long list to fulfill, as in a bucket list. But I certainly have few wishes that I would be happy to fulfill in this lifetime. Among those few, one was to get inked. I was much fascinated by various tattoos I saw around on people, mostly flowersContinue reading “Accomplished desire ….”

The Gaya Nalanda trip

July 2019, exactly a year after Deuta passed away; we decided to visit Gaya for his pind daan rituals. Deuta always had a wish to perform his father’s pind daan at Gaya. Eventually it didn’t shape up for him. Naturally when the time came we also decided on the same place. The Vishnupad temple byContinue reading “The Gaya Nalanda trip”


Wuhan or Covid whatever you areFor all Humans you are definitely an eye-openerYou invaded them as no other pandemic hasSoftly, gradually, invisibly yet brash.A tiny soul like you has forced upon the meaning of existenceTo Humanity, who were so confident of their sustenanceYour guardian and nurturer refuse to own youCoz you don’t follow any commandmentsContinue reading “HUMANITY AND COVID19”

Gardening and self satisfaction

I would like to dedicate this passion for plants and gardening to my Mother. Ever since I remember in my childhood , wherever we accompanied Dad during his transferable job,my Mom will build up a beautiful garden in front of every house and leave it with a heavy heart on posting to the next place.Continue reading “Gardening and self satisfaction”

Soul Searchin

Is it time to look within, a time for introspection….it is just over a month since the Pandemic has reached almost every country .Life has come to almost a standstill and we are following a lifestyle that we never imagined would have happened ever. Human beings are supposed to be the most enlightened and advancedContinue reading “Soul Searchin”