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“I will never be enough” – Lockdown Truths

The biggest truth which dawned during the lockdown time while living with an entire family of six grown up adults – 24×7 within four walls of our home – was that a “ happy family” is nothing but a fool’s paradise. Three generations of relationships with different ebb and flow of lifestyle and work wasContinue reading ““I will never be enough” – Lockdown Truths”

A Truce with Time to Find Peace

Si vis Pacem Para Bellum in Latin means “If you want peace, you should prepare for war.” That seeking peace was going to be so costly was never thought off even in my wildest dreams. Since a long time, I was contemplating coming out of the “Haves & haves Not” race. In August’19, a proxyContinue reading “A Truce with Time to Find Peace”