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No time like the present

Over the past three decades, she would give me a call when she passed through my city and I would make it a point to go meet her wherever she was staying. We would spend a few hours catching up, speaking heart to heart so that even though the meetings were infrequent, the bond remainedContinue reading “No time like the present”

Of Mothers and Daughters – Part 2

When my daughter was younger and we lived in a small industrial town where almost all the adults worked in the same company and all the children went to the same school, a weekly feature was a film show at the club every Thursday. Not being a film buff myself and also because going forContinue reading “Of Mothers and Daughters – Part 2”

Of Mothers and Daughters

As a child I was quite a tomboy, always happy to be running or playing or jumping. But somehow it was the creative pursuits of my mother that inspired me to explore my own creativity. Whatever she did, she would do with great passion and an eye for perfection. As a very small child, IContinue reading “Of Mothers and Daughters”

A note of gratitude to all who I thought had wronged me

At the time I was angry. I felt let down, resentful, betrayed…because I felt that you had wronged me. I felt that you had placed obstacles on my path to progress… success… happiness. But now when I look back, I realise that you actually helped me on my path. Had you not done what youContinue reading “A note of gratitude to all who I thought had wronged me”

Rhythm of life

Some years back, on a weekend getaway, we had decided that for one day we would completely forget time. We would completely let go of our conditioning of the right time to do things and only surrender to the flow. The morning started as planned, we were in no hurry to get up and getContinue reading “Rhythm of life”

Lessons in Trust learnt at a car rally

Just the other day, Google Images threw up this picture as a reminder of an event that took place six years ago. It was almost serendipitous as the lesson I learnt on that occasion is something that I am having to draw heavily upon in these days of uncertainty. I confess to being quite aContinue reading “Lessons in Trust learnt at a car rally”

Wake up call to press the “Pause” button

It was the summer of 2005 and I was on the cusp of entering my forties. The photograph above is most significant to my life as it captures almost the exact moment at which I experienced a shift in my consciousness. A shift that would influence much of my decisions in the years to followContinue reading “Wake up call to press the “Pause” button”

So how are you keeping yourself sane?

If you’re someone like me who’s always busy with a hundred things going on and a full life humming with activity, then when everything comes to a standstill, it can be a huge shock to the system. I have always maintained that I have three pillars to my life and as long as the threeContinue reading “So how are you keeping yourself sane?”

When life serves you lemons

Yesterday my young guest, Gayle, requested me to make her some kheer. So I started cooking the kheer, adding sugar, bay leaf and cardamom seeds to the milk. Unfortunately, the milk started curdling! That’s when I quickly changed tracks and decided to try and make some sandesh to use up the curdled milk. I hadContinue reading “When life serves you lemons”