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Wake up call to press the “Pause” button

It was the summer of 2005 and I was on the cusp of entering my forties. The photograph above is most significant to my life as it captures almost the exact moment at which I experienced a shift in my consciousness. A shift that would influence much of my decisions in the years to followContinue reading “Wake up call to press the “Pause” button”

Sweet something for the soul

Unlike my dear friend Babita who shares this blog with me🤗, I have always enjoyed cooking😊 . During the ongoing lockdown, one thing that has inspired and motivated me has been to make simple, low fuss meals from the limited ingredients available, but to make them nutritious, delicious and heartwarming. One thing I have triedContinue reading “Sweet something for the soul”

A Sojourn to Tawang

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller”. IBN BATUTA Location: Ahmedabad. Time Period: Annual Summer Holidays. The kids were suggesting all exotic holiday getaways; husband endorsing sporting/adventure holidays and I was thinking in terms of a combination of both. We spent a lot of time in exploring possible options, whenContinue reading “A Sojourn to Tawang”

A prayer for new beginnings

In many parts of India, new year is celebrated today. And how apt that is as it is also the advent of spring, a season that brings fresh hope as the first leaves appear on the trees starting yet another cycle in the circle of life. Normally this day would mean visiting relatives and friendsContinue reading “A prayer for new beginnings”

A Truce with Time to Find Peace

Si vis Pacem Para Bellum in Latin means “If you want peace, you should prepare for war.” That seeking peace was going to be so costly was never thought off even in my wildest dreams. Since a long time, I was contemplating coming out of the “Haves & haves Not” race. In August’19, a proxyContinue reading “A Truce with Time to Find Peace”

The joy of baking bread

With the world staying indoors, I believe one of the most popular things trending across the world is baking… Everyone is suddenly baking their own bread! So what is it that makes baking bread so popular? For me personally, the initial push came from the fact that during the ongoing lockdown, bread was very difficultContinue reading “The joy of baking bread”

The Ressurection

Its Easter the holiest day in the Christian calendar, the day of resurrection of Jesus Christ. His Victory over Death and our eternal redemption. We can see the ushering in of springtime as well, as we can hear the vibrant sound and smell in the air as the Earth reawakens. Its the time to welcomeContinue reading “The Ressurection”

In young company- Memoirs from Manipur

A trip to Imphal as an External Examiner for the MBBS Examination turned out to be a most enriching experience. While the days were spent in the rigourous examination schedule, I was entertained in the evenings by a bunch of young energetic post graduate doctors, who wanted to give me the best possible experience ofContinue reading “In young company- Memoirs from Manipur”