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Soul Searchin

Is it time to look within, a time for introspection….it is just over a month since the Pandemic has reached almost every country .Life has come to almost a standstill and we are following a lifestyle that we never imagined would have happened ever. Human beings are supposed to be the most enlightened and advancedContinue reading “Soul Searchin”

There’s always a new dimension to explore – blogging

It all started with a bunch of old school friends regrouping after about 35 years! I believe the fifties are a magical time for most women. With children having mostly flown the nest and other material goals largely met, it is the time for a new beginning, a time for rediscovering oneself, a time forContinue reading “There’s always a new dimension to explore – blogging”

Bicycle Stories

It was a long cherished dream to revive my childhood passion of riding a bicycle and exploring around the town. I remember as a teen-ager, during my days in Meerut, I used to cycle almost 14 kilometres to school with friends and we used to enjoy the rides. I was a little apprehensive initially, wonderingContinue reading “Bicycle Stories”