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                                                                                    Almost three decades ago, as a newly married coy bride, it was a mandatory custom in the family tradition to make a visit to all relatives, far and near, to seek their blessings. It is amazing at how societial structures have come into being, and how these customs have shaped the kinds of livesContinue reading “THAT TRIP TO KENOSHA”

4:00 AM Mahalaya

                                                                                                                                         My September calender in 2019 was quite packed on the work front. A series of academic events, seminars and conferences were lined up. Apart from this, there were some of my cancer patients, who needed extra care and attention. I had just returned from Mumbai a week ago, after attending the Women’s Cancer ConclaveContinue reading “4:00 AM Mahalaya”

Battles of Survival

I never thought that my curiosity to gain a little extra knowledge in the field of Medical Science, in a dynamically evolving subject of Oncology would actually teach me lessons of life to such a great extent. In fact, this very benign desire of mind to learn something totally new in a matter of sixContinue reading “Battles of Survival”