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There’s always a new dimension to explore – blogging

It all started with a bunch of old school friends regrouping after about 35 years! I believe the fifties are a magical time for most women. With children having mostly flown the nest and other material goals largely met, it is the time for a new beginning, a time for rediscovering oneself, a time forContinue reading “There’s always a new dimension to explore – blogging”

One morning at Elliot’s Beach

A couple of months back, I was visiting Chennai for a particular work.  A day before my return I decided to take an early morning trip to Elliot’s Beach at 6 AM to witness another day of glorious sunrise and pay my humble gratitude to the Universe. The Elliot’s Beach lies at the tip of theContinue reading “One morning at Elliot’s Beach”

Wake up call to press the “Pause” button

It was the summer of 2005 and I was on the cusp of entering my forties. The photograph above is most significant to my life as it captures almost the exact moment at which I experienced a shift in my consciousness. A shift that would influence much of my decisions in the years to followContinue reading “Wake up call to press the “Pause” button”

A Sojourn to Tawang

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller”. IBN BATUTA Location: Ahmedabad. Time Period: Annual Summer Holidays. The kids were suggesting all exotic holiday getaways; husband endorsing sporting/adventure holidays and I was thinking in terms of a combination of both. We spent a lot of time in exploring possible options, whenContinue reading “A Sojourn to Tawang”