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Happiness is a state of activity

The Thirties are perhaps little confusing age mostly because we gradually approach a change towards responsible seniors at work in the family and generally in a society. Physical changes are seen in many and very prominent among others is greying. Today we see young people in their twenties also greying, with various changes coming to their lives. But I remember my grey getting visibly prominent during my mid thirties and I too started following the custom of dying my hair, little realizing the side effects or after effects. It is impossible for any lady to accept so early and easily their ageing processes and the same happened to me as well. Unless I learn from my mistakes I am not ready to give up. And so I continued with the covering up till it worked fine with me. When younger our body can tune in to anything synthetic, comfortably.

Almost twenty years gone by and now in my mid fifties, realizations dawning in several spheres of life. Couple of years back, when salient changes were taking place in the body metabolism; I sensed the need for a change in my customary routine in life. Slight changes with regular exercises and spiritual practices got introduced in my daily schedule and I could notice improvements. My choice of going natural and plain was showing positive results. Yet I wasn’t bold enough to wear my natural hair colour. It has been my silent desire to get off my coloured hair yet vanity won’t let me. My eyes would itch so hard and I would feel lazy to get touch up done every fifteen days. I used to look at sensible faces that never got into the rut and they looked so glowing and fresh with their grey.

Finally January 2021, I decided not to get another packet of color, when it got over. I took it as a resolution for the year and since continued following. The Wuhan virus helped me somehow, despite the damages and distress it has spread over the world. The lockdown imposed by the outspread, restricted our outings and helped me to stay naturally at home. The recent haircut got rid of all coloured hair that was left on me and I am wearing my natural colour finally. A feeling of Freedom and Bliss….        

Joy is spiritual and far grittier than normal happiness

Published by babitapathak

Simple soul, still trying to learn from life.


  1. Babita.. it’s so relatable word to word as if reading my own thoughts. Also it’s somewhere accepting a change in mind and body. Loved it buddy 💞

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  2. Loved your journey portrayed with naturalness and positivity, Rakhee. Thoroughly enjoyed your take on new perspectives that encouraged you to follow through with your natural instincts and the joy that followed almost immediately. Proud of you, swthrt.

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