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There’s always a new dimension to explore – blogging

It all started with a bunch of old school friends regrouping after about 35 years! I believe the fifties are a magical time for most women. With children having mostly flown the nest and other material goals largely met, it is the time for a new beginning, a time for rediscovering oneself, a time for reconnecting with friends from long ago now grown apart on their own journeys.

When old friends meet after eons, there’s always some trepidation about what the vibes will be like after all these years and whether we’ll be able to relate at all. Fortunately for us, we just picked up from where we had left off in school. Soon we started planning holidays together and did two epically successful girls trips together. It was during these trips that the idea of a blog to express ourselves was born but what with getting back to the regular business of living after we got back, the blog never materialized. Finally, it was during this lockdown that the blog finally came into being and Magically Mental was born!

Introducing the contributors to the blog.


Neelakshi is the beauty with brains. She is a doctor by profession and a traveler, nature lover, philosopher and lover of life by passion.


English professor Nandita has travelled all over the world. This mum in law could easily fit into a school skirt and go back to school.


Elegant and gentle Babita is a home maker with a subtle sense of humor. She can be single handedly credited for bringing our group together and for keeping us together


Suravi is a hotshot business woman working in a field that is mostly considered a man’s world. Her effervescence and quick wit keeps us in splits.


And then there’s me, Urmila, officially a trainer and motivational speaker but with lots of interests and gigs which I indulge in with vigor and zest.

11 thoughts on “There’s always a new dimension to explore – blogging

  1. Hots spots of “Magically
    mental G5” cannot be contained by Lockdown. Urmila wonderful introduction of ours it’s like finding ourselves once again. Thanks buddy.

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