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Battles of Survival

I never thought that my curiosity to gain a little extra knowledge in the field of Medical Science, in a dynamically evolving subject of Oncology would actually teach me lessons of life to such a great extent. In fact, this very benign desire of mind to learn something totally new in a matter of sixContinue reading “Battles of Survival”

Rhythm of life

Some years back, on a weekend getaway, we had decided that for one day we would completely forget time. We would completely let go of our conditioning of the right time to do things and only surrender to the flow. The morning started as planned, we were in no hurry to get up and getContinue reading “Rhythm of life”

Melodies to Memories

Driving to work a few days back, I had my music on as usual. On that particular day, I was playing my streaming service and had selected a new playlist they had curated for me. Suddenly, one particular song started playing and I detected a smile spreading across my face. It was a song, dancingContinue reading “Melodies to Memories”

Bicycle Stories

It was a long cherished dream to revive my childhood passion of riding a bicycle and exploring around the town. I remember as a teen-ager, during my days in Meerut, I used to cycle almost 14 kilometres to school with friends and we used to enjoy the rides. I was a little apprehensive initially, wonderingContinue reading “Bicycle Stories”

So how are you keeping yourself sane?

If you’re someone like me who’s always busy with a hundred things going on and a full life humming with activity, then when everything comes to a standstill, it can be a huge shock to the system. I have always maintained that I have three pillars to my life and as long as the threeContinue reading “So how are you keeping yourself sane?”

Saying goodbye to a beautiful soul

As we go through the journey of life, we come across some individuals who make a lasting impression on us. Many times they unknowingly become our teachers as we pick up some traits or skills just by observing them. Julie baideu was an extremely vivacious personality. In my Dad’s words “she was very different fromContinue reading “Saying goodbye to a beautiful soul”

When life serves you lemons

Yesterday my young guest, Gayle, requested me to make her some kheer. So I started cooking the kheer, adding sugar, bay leaf and cardamom seeds to the milk. Unfortunately, the milk started curdling! That’s when I quickly changed tracks and decided to try and make some sandesh to use up the curdled milk. I hadContinue reading “When life serves you lemons”